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A permanent move
I love you
Hello readers,

This livejournal has been getting fewer and fewer comments, and fewer and fewer updates.
One thing I can say for sure: of the two funding members of DreamGazer Studios, I'm the only one still doing something related to webcomics (or drawing in general), and the only one posting here, so I'm making a decision.

This community is now CLOSED!

But wait! I'm not stopping. No! I'm moving. From now on all updates can be viewed on my drawing blog "Asas da Mente (Mind's Wings)", now in both Portuguese and English, so that people who migrate from here can still read about everything that's going on.
Please consider following me there.

I hope you all understand this move of mine. but posting the same thing in two different blogs just isn't working.
If at any time, DGStudios goes back to being more than just me (Ana C. Nunes), then I'l reopen this LJ. Until then, follow everything on Asas da Mente (Mind's Wings).

A happy year of 2012 for you all.

P.S.: There's a new page for the webcomic"Garnath and teh Crystal Ball". Check the blog for the updates.

Happy Holidays
Merry Xmas!
Page 19 is up since Tuesday, and a special for the Holidays.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Garnath and the Crystal Ball - Page 18
I have to apologize for not updating the Livejournal in November, but he thing is LJ wouldn't let me schedule updates and during NaNoWriMo I had no time to come here every week and post the newest page.
Still, "Garnath and the Crystal Ball" - the webcomic - was updated frequently, and pages 14 to 18 are available online.
Page 14, 15, 16, 17 and now 18.

18_preview, Garnath and the Crystla Ball

You can also read the newest pages in Portuguese.

Garnath and the Crystal Ball - Page 13
A new page for webcomic "Garnath and the Crystal Ball" is now up. This is page 13.
You can read the new page in English or in Portuguese.

13 preview

If you enjoyed the webcomic, please feel free to vote on TopWebcomics.

Garnath and the Crystal Ball - Page 12
Wipe that smile off your face
Today is the day for another webcomic update for "Garnath and the Crystal Ball".
We've reached page 12! Which is halfway to the finish line.

You can read the new page in English or in Portuguese.


If you enjoyed the webcomic, please feel free to vote on TopWebcomics.

Garnath and the Crystal Ball - Page 11
Better half
Another Tuesday, and with it comes a new page for my webcomic "Garnath and the Crystal Ball".
You can read it in English and in Portuguese (Português).
Enjoy! And if you like the webcomic, please vote for it on TopWebComics.

24 Hour Comics 2011 - A resume
Unkei sexy
As promissed I'll let you know how this year's 24 Hour Comics experience went.
Well, I can say it was both good and bad. Good because I managed to work on all 24 pages; Bad because I inked only 11 of those 24 pages, leaving the remaining ones only sketched.
But fear not! As I said in the previous post, I have all intentions of making this story available online, and therefore I will finish inking all 24 pages in the near future.
The reasons for me not making the completed 24 pages were various, but mainly it was the fact that, after a while, I decided to try to make the pages look their best, instead of going simply for quantity.
It's true I didn't finish the objective, and was therefore not a winner, but I'm pleased with what I got out of it. It was certainly more than I would've done without the challenge.
Here are three sample pages, without dialogues:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 11

And with this I have one announcement to make. Since I'm currelty working on Garnath and the Crystal Ball, I will not imediatly publish this comic. I'll wait until Garnath and the Crystal Ball is done (at the end of the year) and then I'll start publishing "Wolf & Dragon - Prologue".
I hope you understand why I choose to do this, but I just know that trying to update two comics at the same time would not work in my favour, especially now with NaNoWriMo drawing near (yes, I'll be joining again this year).

What do you think of theses pages. Were you expecting more? Do you like them?

24 Hour Comics 2011
I see you ...
Hello everyone.
I wanted to let you know that tomorrow I'll be doing a 'home' version of 24 Hour Comics, while being virtualy in contact with Rui Alex and Lady Entropy, which will also be doing the 24 Hour Comics from 9 am Saturday, to 9 am Sunday.

Tomorrow is the 15th of October and it's also the 7th year mark of the time I first published online a comic page for "Avoiding Destiny", now named "Wolf & Dragon".
To remember and honor that, the comic I'll make tomorrow will be related to that story. A sort of prologue for the main story.

On Sunday (Monday at the latest), I'll post about the experience and the result. Meanwhile you can see a few practice sketches I did to remind me of the characters:

If you can't remember, these characters are: Rie, Bunrakuken, Akiko and Unkei.

Wish me luck and no back pain (the reason last yeat I didn't get to finish the 24 pages). Promisse to publish the final result for all to see. :)

Garnath and the Crystal Ball - Page 10
Wipe that smile off your face
A new webcomic page available today, for "Garnath and the Crystal Ball"
You can read it in English or in Portuguese.


After reading, don't forget to VOTE, if you like the webcomic.

Garnath and the Crystal Ball - Page 09
You & Me
I' sorry this new page for "Garnath and the Crystal Ball" wan't updated yesterday, but here it is now:
In english and in portuguese.


If you enjoy the webcomic, don't forget to VOTE.


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