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Interviews to the rescue
get smart
anacorvo wrote in dreamgstudios
I told you I'd try to convince Natacha to join this place. Guess I managed.

So, as promised, I'm going to try to translate our interview [published on a newspaper last July 19th].

We appear at the front cover, with the fallowing text bellow: "A big part of comics are for adults" "Ana and Natacha, authors of Just my luck, turn the passion into a hobby."

On the next page, we have the same tittle in big letters, fallowed by "Luso (portuguese) authors aren't known because adults don't read"

Just an interlude, let me warn you than in Portugal, unlike most European countries, has a very low percentage of adults reading comics. In here, people still have the idea comics are for kids. Also, I warn you in advance that the reporter took the liberty to, not only say natacha said a few things I was the one to say in fact, as he also put words into my mouth, that I'm pretty sure I never muttered. I'll be sure to tell you when something like that comes about in the translation.

They met in the school ETGB, love to read and create comics, but given the fact that the target public is small, they work as administrators, and nurture the passion as a hobby. Natacha Salgueiro is 25 and is from Carapeços, Ana Nunes is 23 and lives in Arcozelo. They worked together on Just my luck, whith 140 pages, that was publshed by Barcelos Popular, from 02-02-2006 to 12-07-2007. Natacha is shy, Ana is hurried [he meant "never shuts up XD]; both are self-taught, give workshops [only one], and win prizes in art contests [just nominated]. Could they be the only people from Barcelos in the comic business?

What balance do you make of “Just my luck”, the girl who ran from home and got kidnapped, to steal a painting?
Our luck got better [None of us said this] (laughs). We developed our art, story-telling, the time of completion. We got reactions from readers, especially on the web (justmyluck.webs.io), they asked a lot of details.

Were you two characters?
Yes. I was Shadow, and Ana was Ana. But we're not thieves or cops (laughs)

How is the creative process?
I make the script and characters, Natacha draws by hand, and I finish with the painting and the ballons on Adobe Photoshop or Manga Studio.

What ifluences you?
Japanese manga and anime (Air, Gakuen Alice, Naruto), suspense movies, fantasy and adventure, like “The Eye” [it's a suspense movie].
NS: “X-Men” [she never said this], epics like “Lord of the rings”.

What projects do you have for the near future?
I'm preparing a dark epic, “Caligo”, the scotch goth with an evil being that enters dreams [not really what she said, but well...]. The romance “History of a knight”, son of a lady, who becomes a knight and dies [Yeah! Spoil the ending.], she received [for this novel] and honorable mention on the literature contest in Barcelos.
AN: The illustrated novel “V.I.D.A.”, brings two women and two men (sun [I said fire], air, water and earth) that suffer in tehir skin, the attacks on planet Earth. “Sounds of war” is cinematographic and belic. “One day someone told him...” speaks of problems like allcolemia or drugs. The futurist romance “Angel Gabriel” has two cursed vampires and the almost extintct human race. In “Alma”, a girl who wants to free herself from seeing others souls. The supernatural romance “At the bridge of life”, show a girl who sees dead people and gets sick trying to help them. I do two projects at a time. “Blood Red” and “Wolf & Dragon” will be done later, there's too many characters.

You show your work in the maximum number of sites, like Dreamgazer Studios (dgstudios.yoll.net).
AN: I do it since August 2004. I give a lot of value to the public, growing with theis criticism. I rceieved four fanarts. I was so happy, i almost cried.

How do you see the national comics?
There's little. Even on the net it's hard to find [none of us said this].
AN: The publisher “Devir” bets on national artists. [I mention more]
NS: In Spain they read a lot of comics and manga. But not here. It's a question of culture. [It was I who said this]
AN: We have very few specialized stores. I have to buy from Spain or order from the UK or the USA.
AN: We always had it like this. There's the wrong idea that comics are for kids [only], we shouldn't stop reading it, bu there are very few adults reading comics, and that's bad for the market.
NS: A big part of comics is for adults. Like “BlackSad”, with amasing art.
AN: I read everything, from kid-stories to 'hardcore' [A lot of people interpret 2hardcore" as pornography, but to me it means violence. Some people came to me about this, claiming that I shouldn't have said it because it sounds bad. Old geezers!]

And what about animated movies?
That's even worse. At the video clubs there's anime marked as “ 6 years old”, that show heads flying and blood everywhere [I mean serious gore!]. That's not for kids to watch! In Portugal there's the idea that anything animated is for kids. And the ones that decide the rating, probably don't even watch them. There's hentai and hardcore movies in the child section of some video clubs [For real! I've been fooled twice.]. If the cover doesn't say it, people don't know what's inside.

Have you ever thought about making an animated movie?
No. But we have a project, along with some other friends, of a real movie called “Life String”.

How do you see the evolution of the comics, internationally?
I disagree with what some say, that oriental comics take space from European comics (more realistic and adventurous) or american (heroes-filled), they are all different and compliment each other.

 This interview was made by the reporter Nuno Passos.


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